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Slow fashion

– Answer 2 questons from the artical ( Clark, Hazel. ” Slow + Fashion–an Oxymoron–or a Promise for the Future…?.” Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body& Culture 12.4 (2008): 427-446. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO.

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Do you see evidence of “Slow fashion” continuing since the publication of this article 8 years ago?

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– Each question one page long.

Q#1: Doyou see evidence of “Slow fahion” continuing since the publication of this artical 8 years a go? Support your opinion with concrete examples. Justify your position.

Q#2: Is it ethical for the fashion industry to encourage consumption of new products every season? explain/ support/ justify your opinion.

– Then make 3 discussion question with answers from the artical.

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