• Read the Cicchetti article offering guidelines for evaluating psychological assessment instruments.
  • Read Grisso’s article on evaluating assessment properties.
  • Read Heilbrun’s article on the role of psychological testing in forensic assessment.
  • Think about criteria, such as reliability and validity, that should be used when selecting assessments for a juvenile sex offender,
  • Consider the influence of culture when selecting assessments.
  • Read the Course Project Description located in the left navigation area. Each week, you will develop and submit sections leading up to the project’s final submission in Week 5. Be sure to reference the Course Project rubric in the Course Information menu link. You are required to have the instructor’s feedback incorporated into the completed Course Project that you submit in Week 5.

The Assignment

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Submit by Day 7 the following information on 5 slides:

  • Provide a complete list of criteria that could be used in selecting appropriate assessments for the juvenile sex offender case. This should simply be a bullet point list of criteria. Include your rationale based on what you learned from the media and information from readings.

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