Instructional Design Blueprint 

Each module of this course has helped you to create an instructional design blueprint for your chosen business or organization.  In this final module, you will complete the reflective component of your template and submit a final, polished template document that incorporates the feedback received from your instructor in prior modules.

The blueprint needs to include the following components:

  • Business/Organization Profile that includes the name, business strategy (mission, values, and goals), and business drivers (Module 2)
  • Needs Assessment Description that includes identification of the business, performance, learning, and learner needs (Module 3)
  • Three to five Learning Objectives and how they will be assessed (Module 6)
  • Identification of critical content needed for learners to meet each objective (Module 6)
  • Organization of the objectives and content into units, modules, chapters, or session topics,  including a title and brief description for each (Module 6)
  • Instructional Plan for ONE unit, module, chapter, or session detailing how the instruction will be presented that includes: delivery method, instructional strategies and methods, learner activities, and materials/resource requirements (Modules 4,  5, and 7)
  • Explanation of how your instructional design integrates theories of learning and memory(Module 4)
  • Explanation of how your instructional design integrates the key characteristics of learning: motivation, goals, experience, culture, and generational differences (Module 5)
  • Professional Reflection that addresses the following questions:
    • How effective do you believe your design will be and why?
    • What questions or concerns do you anticipate the business or organization might have with regard to your design?
    • What is your favorite aspect of your design and why?
    • Are there areas in which you believe you need more practice or more information?  How can you continue to improve your skills and understanding?

Your reflection must be 600-900 words, well written, cite three sources

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