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Assignment Overview

Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Cultural Influence on Human Organization

Due Date:  Sun, 1/17/16

Grading Type: Numeric

Points Possible:  150

Points Earned:  0

Deliverable Length:  12-15 slides

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Assignment Details

 Assignment Description

As a senior manager in a medium-sized but highly profitable equipment manufacturing organization, you and other senior leaders have decided to partner with another company on several projects of mutual interest. Your company has the financial strength and market strength to join the partnership, and you have negotiated a tentative agreement with the other company. Your company is in Houston, Texas, in the United States, but the company you are partnering with is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The other company has some very valuable products and customers, it has an experienced workforce, and it has great brand recognition.

What are some of the cultural areas that you need to know more about before you make the partnership of the companies happen? Specifically, what might the comparison and contrasts be in language, religion, forms of address, holidays, other time off, dress, and food? Research the culture, with particular focus on the business culture, and determine what cultural areas you must address to build a strong working partnership, and discuss how you will address each of them.

Present your ideas in a set of PowerPoint slides intended as a summary for your company managers. Use the Notes area of PowerPoint for your narrative textual information, with restricted use of text on the slides themselves. Review PowerPoint guidelines if you are not sure of the recommended way to set up the slides. Also refer to the PowerPoint Lab in the Learning Center, if needed.

You should use APA reference and citation format for the sources that you use to support your explanation and argument. Place citations on the relevant slides with one or two slides at the end for your reference list.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Please submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric

Purpose of Assignment and Content Development Demonstrates an outstanding use of appropriate, relevant, and compelling content with excellent expression of topic, main idea, and purpose.

Demonstrates exemplary knowledge or analysis of human perspectives appropriate to the assignment’s purpose and context.

Graphics accurately reflect the assignment requirements.

Organization, Grammar, and Presentation Organization is clear.

Language clearly and effectively communicates ideas and content relevant to the assignment.

Presentation and delivery are confident and persuasive (where applicable).

Audience, style, tone, and perspective are consistent and appropriate to assignment.

Format is consistently appropriate to assignment, and follows assignment requirements.

Few if any errors in grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

Information Literacy and Research Demonstrates outstanding selection and use of high quality, credible, and relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate to the assignment.

Sources are consistently cited according to required style sheet (e.g., APA), with no errors beyond punctuation. Manuscript style is completely correct, according to style sheet guidelines.

Critical Thinking Demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to analyze assumptions and evaluate evidence, complexities of issues, and alternatives. Where required, demonstrates outstanding or exemplary ability to use creativity and originality in problem solving.

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