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1) what was Zimbardo’s research question? (what did he want to know by conducting this experiment?

2) what was Zimbardo’s “sampling strategy”? in words, how did he recruit participants? could there be any potential bias with the sample?

3) how did Zimbardo decide which participants became “guards” and which participants became “prisoners”? How do you know there were no psychologicall differences between the “prisoners” and “guards”?

4) what happen to make Zimbardo stop the experiment?

5)how was Zimbardo’s experiment unethical in relation to the ASA (Americans Sociological Association) code of ethics? list specific examples illustrating why this study would be considered unethical.

6)what were the findings to the experiment? what is the significance of this experiment for the social science? How can we apply the findings of this study to real world situations including prison and beyond?

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