Chapter 11 of your Development Through Life text includes a focus on how work and career development issues impact early adulthood. Consider this aspect of the human development trajectory and specific ways in which it impacts career development and career choices. The articles in this unit address theories in career counseling.

In what ways might career planning programs be particularly helpful for early adults who find themselves at a crossroad in their career decisions?

For your initial post in this discussion, imagine that you are in a position to develop a career planning program for young adults in your specialization. Create an outline of how you might go about each of the following steps in developing this program, pointing out how your approach would specifically address the needs of those moving from adolescence to early adulthood:

  • Planning the program.
  • Organizing the program at the beginning
  • Determining the initial requirements to implement the program (people, funds, space, approvals, et cetera).
  • Projecting the resources required to administer the program on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Evaluating the success of the program, including the kinds of results you would look for to measure its effectiveness.

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