Paper #1: Famous Sociologist                                                                                              DUE DATE:  Thursday, June 9    15 points

*** Length 2-3 pages; double spaced; Include and cite at least 3 sources  ***

  1. Research a well-known sociologist from the list provided below.  You will need to use at least three (3)sources.
  2. Write in your own words, a 3-page essay detailing the importance and relevance of your chosen Sociologist.

  • An introduction to sociology and to your chosen sociologist. Include some biographical information: who were they, where did they come from, why did they study social sciences…etc.
  • Who influenced them and their work?
  • Why they are well-known: what did they contribute?
  • Examples of their experiments, studies, or theories.
  • Any other interesting information you can find that is relevant. Why are they important today?

Remember this is to discuss the contributions made by this sociologist, do not just relate biographical information about them please—provide some real documented evidence that you understand their importance and theories.

Famous Sociologists — Choose one from the following list:

Auguste Comte                   Max Weber                   C. Wright Mills

Emile Durkheim                   W.E.B. DuBois              Erving Goffman

Karl Marx                            Charles Cooley              George Herbert Mead

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