discussion questions

Discussion 18.The corporate veil: The Corporation as a Legal Entity – Do you think that corporations should have rights similar to those of natural persons? Should any of these rights be curtailed?


Discussion 19. Powers of a Corporation – What is an ultra vires act?  Research on the internet – the case: Cross v. The Midtown Club – and explain how this case affects your understanding of the ultra vires doctrine.


Discussion 20. Antitrust Laws in the United States  –  Consider whether the US government should break up the biggest US banks. Why or why not? If the United States does so, and other nations have very large government banks, or have very large private banks, can US banks remain competitive?


Discussion 21. The Federal Trade Commission: Powers and Law Governing Deceptive Acts

Go to the FTC website and look at its most recent annual report. Find a description of a loan modification scam.  Ask yourself whether leaving it up to individual consumers to sue the scammers, using common law, would create greater good for society.


Discussion 22. Entering Into A Credit Transaction – Describe what the Fair Credit Reporting Act is and what its impact is for the consumer in general?

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