Group Assignment


Department                       :   Faculty of Business Management & Globalization

Course Name                    :   Organizational Behavior

Deadline Date                   :   Group Assignment Submission- Week 12

Unit Controller                :   





Group Analysis:

Students are required to provide a complete report analysis on the organisational behaviour of the given movie “Documentary: Google: Behind the Screen (VPRO Backlight) “.


Students should discuss the following topics in relation to analyse the movie as a case study on organizational Behaviour.

  1. Culture
  2. Attitudes & Personality
  3. Motivation
  4. Leadership
  5. Organizational Structure
  6. Organization Change


Particulars to be analysed and discussed.

Consider the  following  listed particulars for analysing  the case as follows


  1. Characters in the movie
  2. Teams and groups refered in the movie
  3. Type of organization and its structure.
  4. Agents that  brings change to an organization.
  5. Conflict and Resolution
  6. Recommendation and Conclusion

Your Task should be focus  to  seek answers to questions such as:

  1. How does the Particulars in the movie  conform to the theory on the  areas identified above?
  2. Are there differences between theory and practice?
  3. If your answer is ‘yes’ to the preceding questions, what are the reasons for these differences?
  4. Write relevant recommendations for your observational study; for example, suggestions for change, and/or further development, for each of the above mentioned concepts.
  5. Within your analysis you should discuss how you wouldexpect the characters or the particulars to be managed based on the relevant theory or textbook suggestions.
  6. You should then analyze how it isactually managed, and note the differences from your theoretical expectations.
  7. Prepare a  power point slide as a link to be presented on   the attribute of  the organization behavior and include in your  report.

EXPECTED OUTCOME :Students are expected to present their study through / Power-point Slide and/ Report.

  • Expected duration of the presentation would be 15 -20 mins.
  • Presentation of the  idea and discussion should be in 2000 words / (12 pages)  and submitted on week 10.
  • Summary Report Structure should include main contents, valid  sentence structure, opinions, correct grammar and references.


  • This assignment should be submitted along with your presentation.
  • Full details of the group members are required. Failing to confirm your group members would result in deduction of marks or ZERO marks given to the newly added member.
  • ALL MEMBERS need to be present during the presentation; ZERO mark is given for those who did not participate in the presentation.
  • Please submit a hard and soft copy of the assignment. Please note presentation slides or video, should be submitted on the same day of the presentation.


  • Answer the TASK given
  • If the students do not submit the assignment in class within the stated time, marks will be deducted.
  • If the students do not submit on the day, the student will miss full mark.
  • If this report is found to be PLAGIARIZED or COPIED group will only received 30% of the marks.
  • For details on the marking criteria please see the marking scheme.


Marks scored and grade awarded

Marks :26-30

Comments: Your presentation was clearly well-prepared as a team effort. There was expert understanding of the concept its  attributes and its usage in the  development of  your discussion and which was adroitly applied to the organization.

Indicators of an A grade:  Good flow between speakers shows that they were all well-prepared for the presentation. Information systems ideas well-applied to the organization.


Marks :20-25

Comments :The team had effectively prepared for the presentation. The theory and idea were explored well, although some details were missing.

Indicators of a B grade: was evidence that the presentation had been rehearsed and for the most part   speakers seemed well-prepared. Evidence of good research on the topic area seen but still lacking in complete research.


Marks 10-19

Comments : There was some good understanding of the applied theory discussed. However, the presentation in places needed more thought and research.

 Indicators of a C grade:  The  ideas were presented clearly, but not in enough depth. The presentation was unpolished in places and speakers needed to be more fluid in their style


Marks 5-9

Comments :Team did not seem well-prepared as the presentation did not flow well. Furthermore, only the basic elements of  ideas was grasped.

Indicators of a D grade:

Simplistic explanation of  an idea. Team were inconsistent in the presentation.



  • This is a GROUP assignment.
  • You must write within the stated page limit.


  • You are NOT allowed to copy and paste from articles or journals but may use the ideas.

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