Title: The Distinction between Ethical Behavior and Legally Compliant Behavior for Both Individuals and for Businesses.

Instructions: Draft an essay paper with a minimum of 3 full paragraphs, setting forth the above. Provide a clear contrast between Individuals and Businesses exhibiting ethical and unethical behavior. Explain how – while they may be in conformance with legal requirements – they may not be behaving ethically based upon your definition of ethics. Provide an example demonstrating this. Please make sure you have an introduction and conclusion.

Extra Credit  – Importance of Ethics

25 Points Maximum (dependent on quality/depth of answer)

3 Paragraphs Minimum

  • Explain how both individuals and institutions can be viewed as ethical or unethical.  Give an example of each.
  • Explain how law and ethics are different, and why a good reputation can be more important than legal compliance.

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