Refer to Descartes’, Meditations on First Philosophy, when addressing all three parts of the question below.

(1) Why doesn’t Descartes simply determine what’s real by looking around him and use his sense experience? (2) In Meditation II, Descartes states, “I am; I exist – this is certain.” Explain why Descartes claims that his knowledge here about this cannot be doubted? (3) What is the nature of the “I” for Descartes and why doesn’t it refer to the physical body of Descartes?

See the syllabus for assignment requirements and grading criteria, and be sure to quote from the readings to illustrate your points, followed by MLA citation, both in-text and on a Works Cited page.

Forum Grading Rubric



Initial post and response to others demonstrate an understanding of the concepts presented.


Responses to others advance the discussion by offering advice, acknowledging similar experiences and ideas, and so forth.


Initial post and responses to others are written using appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure.


Initial post adequately addresses all components of the issue.


Examples and correct MLA citation are used to support the main ideas.


Initial post and response to others are submitted on time.

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