probably want to think about the larger society here – how do these statuses matter in the larger society?

•         Draws on sociological concepts (for instance, socialization, structure, institution, roles, role conflict, among many other possibilities) in your discussion.

•         Discusses how these identities intersect with each other in shaping your experience (for instance, how does the fact that you are white and gay and male matter – versus if you were another set of statuses) – for this you might want to draw on the articles – particularly the one by Kimberley Crenshaw to discuss this.

•         Please use the appropriate citation format .(ASA)

 Make sure you pay attention to

Content – did you answer what we’ve asked you to do?

Writing – do your sentences make sense? Are they complete sentences?

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation – Please use your spell checker and figure out what is spelled wrong and fix it! Use a dictionary if you don’t know if you’ve misspelled a word, or what a word means.

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