Write a 200-400 word journal entry




Journal 1


tuition fees have gone up, but Pell grants have not. How will this affect the lower and middle classes as opposed to the upper class?


Journal 2


When you went to kindergarten, you were socialized into school life. What kinds of things did you learn?


Journal 3


One of the formal organizations that you are familiar with is the college. Discuss how the college has become McDonaldize


Journal 7


Education has functional perspectives other than upward mobility. What are some


of the functional perspectives of education for the U.S. society?




Henslin identifies eight steps in the scientific research model. These are:


  1. Selecting a topic
  2. Defining the problem
  3. Reviewing the literature
  4. Formulating a hypothesis
  5. Choosing a research method
  6. Collecting the data
  7. Analyzing the results
  8. Sharing the results


Choose a topic that interests you and falls within the objectives and learning outcomes assigned to this course.

After watching the four videos below, following the first three steps of the model above, write a paper that reviews at least four academic journal articles that are related to your topic of choice.


Paper format:


    • A research paper must include the following sections:


      • Introduction of Topic
      • Literature Review
      • Conclusion / Discussion
    • Follow APA format for in-text citation references and paper layout.
    • You must review at least four academic journal articles pertaining to the topic.
    • Paper should be at least 4 to 5 pages of narrative (about 2000 words).
    • You can include charts, figures, etc.
    • Cover page with title, course, your name.
    • References listed
    • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar.



Due may 4, 2016,

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