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The assignment is about dynamics of hot combat, and particularly firefights. If you don’t have this experience or don’t want to talk about your own, you might know someone willing to share their experience with you.  This is a very personal topic to talk about and I respect everyone’s position. If you have experienced these, your thoughts are always welcomed.

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Dynamics of hot combat

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I wonder if some of these thoughts are things you thought about:(1) how would I react to this first firefight that I had trained so long and hard for; (2) would I be an effective leader for my soldiers?, and (3) how I felt when it was over and I had time to sort out the experiences.

I have listened to many people compare their memories with the experiences and thoughts of the troops fighting in “Blackhawk Down.” I would like this to be meaningful for you, also.


If you haven’t actually experienced a firefight in a “hot zone,” you can either share someone else’s experience that you are personally aware of OR share with us what you envision it to be. Remember that all sources on the answers is based on must include correctly APA formatted source crediting in the body of the posts and in References lists attach to post ends. 400 word minimum.

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