The purpose of this paper is to find the reasons behind this question and answers for why E-learning is not widely used?

(Use Font 12 Times Roman, double space, APA style reference)

1. Cover page

2. Table of Contents Page

3. Acknowledgement Page

4. Chapter 1-­?Introduction

Chapter 1-Introduction:

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Problem Statement

1.2 Research Questions

1.3 Research Objectives

1.4 Hypotheses(if any)

1.5 Significant of Research

(3-­?5 pages).

Chapter 2-Literature Review:

2 components:

similar to primary research, development of the review requires four stages:

2.1 problem formulation- which topic or field being examined and what are its component issues?

2.2 Literature search- finding materials relevant to the subject being explored

2.3 data evaluation- determining which literature makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the topic

2.4 analysis and interpretation- discussing the findings and conclusions of pertinent literature.

Literature Review- should comprise the following elements:

* an overview of the subject, issue or theory under consideration, along with the objectives of the literature.

* Division of the works under review into categories( e.g those in support of a certain position, those against, and those offering alternatives theses entirely)

* Explanations of how each work is similar to and how it varies from the others.

*conclusions as to which pieces are best considered in their argument, are most convincing of their opinions, and make the greatest contribution to the understanding and development of their area of research.

The purpose of the Literature Review is to describe the relationship of each work to the others under consideration. and to resolve conflicts amongst seemingly contradictory previous studies.

(8-­?12 pages)

Chapter 3 -­Methodology:

3.0 Identify the method used to identify and locate sources.(survey 30 people)

3.1 Explain the rationale used for selecting the sources to analyze.

3.2 Explain the procedures to be used for analyzing the sources.

3.3 Identify the criteria for evaluating the information found.

(3-­?5 pages)

Chapter 4-­?Analysis and Discussion:

4.0 present evidence and ideas from sources

4.1 concepts are organized by sub-topics.

4.2 sources are grouped by concepts instead of individual entities

4.3 grouping may be related to reserach questions

4.4 validity of sources is stated to support your ultimate answers to your questions.

4.5 Cite each of your statement by placing the number(s) identifying the reference(s) which support your statement.

(8-­?12 pages)

Chapter 5-­?Conclusion and Recommendation:

5.0 Identify and synthesize findings

5.1 systematically answer your research questions

5.2 provide recommendations for

* Futuer research

* Business imapcts

* Academic contribution

* Other warranted situations

(3-­?5 pages)

Reference page:

* List each of your references using APA format ( or as close to it as you can get ).

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