Straub (2009) listed the following symptoms of a disempowering organizational culture:

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1.       Blaming and victim mentality

2.       Apathy and burnout 

3.       Gossip and back biting poisoning work environment

4.       People feeling unappreciated for contributions

Choose at least four symptoms that you recognize in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar. Describe specific examples of these symptoms. Using the six values identified by Gershon and Straub (2009), develop a plan to change these practices and empower your employees. Explain your conclusions and support your decisions with course material and other research.

The papers should be 3  pages, type-written and double spaced. List your sources (Articles, Internet sites, Textbooks) at the bottom of the paper, in APA format. Reference list must include at least two sources in addition to the textbooks and cite accordingly.

Gershon, D., & Straub, G. (2009). Empowerment Institute: The empowering organization: Changing behavior and developing talent in organizations.

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