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Examine the issues of adolescence in the context of an ever-changing world.

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Cross-cultural and historical perspective on adolescence and biases regarding youth are explored in order to examine the issues of adolescence in the context of an ever-changing world.





  1. Discuss the basic components of different theoretical perspectives of adolescent development.


  1. Identify the typical patterns of adolescent development, including physical development, intellectual and cognitive development and personality development.


  1. Describe the basic issues involved in adolescent family and peer relationships, particularly as they related to the educational system.


  1. Review the difference between normalcy and psychopathology in adolescent development.


  1. Identify issues of concern in adolescence for which prevention and intervention are needed, i.e. crime and delinquency, drugs, adolescent pregnancy, suicide, depression, etc.


  1. Discuss how issues of gender, social class, race, ethnicity and culture impact adolescent development and behaviors.



  1. Identify networks/systems of services available for work with adolescents and their families.

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