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Research Paper Requirements Each student is required to complete and submit an original, scholarly research paper on a topic related to fire safety management. For this assignment, you are to submit a paper as if it were going to be submitted to Professional Safety, Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers. Your submission should be worthy of submission to the journal, geared toward the appropriate audience and should be leading-edge work as indicated in the author guidelines. In other words, don’t rehash things we already know in the field. It should be new and worthy of advancing the field of occupational safety management. Although your paper should be worthy of publication, you are not required to submit your paper to the journal for possible publication. However, submission of papers is encouraged, but students should be sure to address any issues, comments or suggested edits noted by their instructor before submission. Students should view the following websites as they prepare their papers: 1. Author Guidelines – 2. Why Write for Professional Safety – Students should use the Author Guidelines for Professional Safety as a general guide for your paper assignment. Your final paper should be between 8-12 pages (approximately 2500-3000 words), not including cover page, abstract, references, etc. Your submission must be submitted in APA format. The final paper is due at the end of Module 8.

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