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Human Resources Management

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Part A

As the new human resource manager of a multimillion-dollar service

organization, you have been provided with a job description for new


For this assignment, please provide the following.

1. A synthesis of three (3) environmental influences that affect the

organization quantifying their impact and providing potential

solutions for negative and positive influences.

2. Create a brief job description for a specific job of your choice

outlining the roles and responsibilities of this position. Next,

design an employee-training program and outline its implementation for

this position. Finally, provide an evaluation of the design and

implementation of the employee-training program you have created.

Part B

You operate a small advertising agency. You employ two secretaries, a

graphic designer, three sales representatives, and an office


1. Construct a multi-tiered approach for compensation for each

position. What types of criteria would you consider when determining

how to compensate each position? Describe two (2) considerations for

each position. Students may choose to present information in a

spreadsheet or table format for organization and interpretative


2. Evaluate the process and the associated outcomes for the approach

you constructed. Defend the choices you have made including the type

of compensation plan chosen for each position.

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