Intro to Sociology essay!

SOCIOLOGY EXPERT ONLY.. Three essay 500 word each.



1. Identify and discuss the five responses of the anomie theory of deviance.



2. The Structural functional theory states there are negative consequences to stratification. Do these negative consequence have a greater impact on a caste or class system? Explain and justify your answer.

3. During the Antebellum south at one point Black/African people outnumbered whites. Why were they not counted as part of Dominant/Majority group. List and discuss how the White/Caucasian group was able to keep this from happening.


You are require to write at least 500 words for each essay. EACH ESSAY MUST BE COMPLETED ON DIFFERENT PAGES. THREE ATTACHMENT. Essay must be in MLA format with appropriate citation. The essay grade will depend on the thoroughness of how well you answer the essay question along with proper grammer, punctuation and syntax.

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