Intro to Sociology essay!

SOCIOLOGY EXPERT ONLY.. Three essay 500 word each.

1. You are now in College. How has anticipatory socialization affected your performance in college? How is learning in college different than learning in grade school?



2. What is a social movement? Discuss and give an example of a current day social movement?

3. The U.S has an open class system. Using the ways an individual can experience upward mobility, support the statement that the U.S has an open class system or show how the U.S is really a closed/caste system


You are require to write at least 500 words for each essay. EACH ESSAY MUST BE COMPLETED ON DIFFERENT PAGES. THREE ATTACHMENT. Essay must be in MLA format with appropriate citation. The essay grade will depend on the thoroughness of how well you answer the essay question along with proper grammer, punctuation and syntax.

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