Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that examines the influences of traits—such as trait theory—and biology—such as temperament—on personality development. Answer the following questions in your paper:


  • How does the gene-environment interaction influence personality?
  • Is culture a factor in personality expression?
  • What do twin studies show us about the inheritability of personality?
  • What characteristics of temperament are stable over time and contribute to our adult personality?
  • Are specific characteristics consistent over situation and over time?


Include an explanation of how the following personality models may be adapted to account for variation in the personal, societal, and cultural factors discussed in your paper:


  • Biological model
  • Five-factor trait theory
  • Temperament model of personality


Do NOT use about.com, psychology.about.com, ask.com, simplypsychology.org, AllPsych.com, SparkNotes.com, wikipedia, or other sources that are not scholarly in nature.


You MUST have a minimum of 2 scholarly sources as references.  You may use your textbook but it does not count as one of these sources.


Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Use in text citations and a header for each bullet.


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Second Assignment




Complete the Theory Tables.


Report the major figures that influence trait and biological theories, the key concepts that determine personality formation, and how they explain disordered personality.


Evaluate each theory on its comprehensiveness, applicability, cultural utility, and support from empirical research.









Key Figures

Key Concepts of personality formation

Explanation of the disorder personality

Scientific credibility





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