Topic: Influence of Foot Binding in Chinese Women During the 20th Century

In the paper you must present your thesis statement (your main argument), supported by well-organized evidences from your research(in the annotated bibliography).  You can also elaborate your response journal, but you have to use the article plus research tool. THe papaer should be 15 pages double spaced, do not plagerize because will be checked by computer software. 

For paper: It must show:

  1. Clear and original thesis: (The practice of footbinding is a violation of human right although it’s a part of chinese culture)
  2. Use evidence from your research to support your thesis
  3. Comprehensive and to-the-point analysis of the evidence to support the main thesis
  4. Good format (including notes and bibliography) and organization of the paper.


  1. Helpful Tips:

* Remember Critical analysis is NOT:

  1. A summary.
  2. Broad generalizations without further support and analysis
  3. Citing long quotes from the readings without analyzing them or explaining their importance to you or to us

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