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Integrity in Social Work

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It seems easy to commit to upholding integrity in social work. You might imagine a flagrant lack of integrity in a social work situation and think to yourself, “I would never do that.” Not all situations are immediately clear, though, and you may find yourself wondering what the “right thing to do” really is. In cases like this, it can be helpful to have a trusted colleague or mentor to whom you can turn and confidentially share your concern. It is also critical, however, to keep a keen eye on your internal sense of social work ethics.

For this Discussion, select one of the case studies from this week’s Readings (

Review the NASW Code of Ethics. Consider whether the behavior of the social worker in the case demonstrated competence in accordance with the NASW Code of Ethics.


Post a critical review of the social worker’s competence in terms of the NASW Code of Ethics.

Identify at least two attributes or behaviors displayed by the social worker and explain how they upheld or contradicted the NASW Code of Ethics.

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