In regards to securing Ip Telephony , what are most common types of security risks to data networks today?


The PSTN’s capabilities are largely proportional to its physical connections. Its service is highly reliable but it has some hard shortcomings. Discuss the limits of traditional Telephony


The two must common PBX features are : Automatic Call Distribution and Voicemail. Explain the importance of both features


Describe at least two basic troubleshooting tools that are used for VoIP networks to debug infrastructure issues.


What is the advantage and disadvantage of replacing a traditional PBX-type phone system with a wireless IP phone?


What is a common business application of VoIP at present? What is the strategic advantage of using VoIP foe this application?


The advancements on Videoconferencing and surveillance systems were business applications that were highlighted as two applications/technologies that gained considerable attention due to convergence. Explain how convergence enhanced surveillance systems and videoconferencing


Is there still a need for QoS if a VoIP infrastructure is engineered for overcapacity, where the largest trunks and fastest network elements are installed in a network? Please explain and provide examples.

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