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  1. Consider learning theories you have been reading about in your course materials.
  2. What is the scientific evidence that TV or film portrayals of violence is linked to real world aggression?
  3. Is the evidence mostly based on correlations or are there claims it is a direct causal relationship?
  4. Use at least one peer reviewed article (not a blog or magazine) or other empirical research to support your post.
  5. What are alternative explanations or factors that can explain the increase in aggression and violence, rather than just observing violence on TV or film?

As you develop your main post and submit replies to others, make clear connections to concepts and theories you read about in the related chapter and that help support your example or position.


  1. Consider the theories of motivation explained in your course materials and text readings.
  2. Which theory seems to appeal to you the most?  What seems to make this motivational theory/approach work best for you to motivate you to work towards some goal(s)?
  3. Would this same theory of motivation appeal to others with whom you live, work, and/or attend school?  Why do you think this is true?
  4. Specifically, how could you use this theory/approach to help motivate yourself (or others) – i.e., to increase your motivation, act more effectively or differently,  work more efficiently, etc. ?
  5. Why do you think other motivational theories/approaches would not be as effective to increase your motivation?

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