1. Your readings discuss heuristics and cognitive biases which affect our thinking, reasoning, and decision-making processes.
  2. Develop one or two paragraphs that presents a one-sided, simplified argument about some psychological issue – like having a fixed, absolute opinion.   Examples you could use are:  a) low self-esteem is the cause of bullying, b) parenting/nurture is more important than nature, c) repressed memory/ memory recall claims are always accurate, d) low self-esteem is the cause of low academic success, or some other absolute argument.
  3. How did you use language, wording, and terminology to frame or present your fixed, one-sided opinion or argument?
  4. What biases or mental short cuts were used in your explanations?
  5. If you were presented with this argument, how could you refute the biases and suggest a more balanced explanation?

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