For this course you will need to cite the textbook and lectures presented in the course materials. The only book you will be allowed to reference is Mysticism: Holiness East and West by Denise Carmody and John Carmody. I will also give you the link to each course lecture for both topics in a private message after a handshake is made.

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Write two separate short essays on Early Christianity and the other on Protestant Mystic. Each should be a separate assignment and should be 250-500 words for each assignment. That is 500-1,000 in total. The essay should summarize the specific topics and demonstrate a clear knowledge of the topic. You should also write wether you agree or disagree with the components of the topic. I do not care which direction you argue your point for just make sure there is a reflection portion in the essay.

Questions you MUST answer for Early Christianity are:

1. Put in historical order the death dates of the following:

Teresa of Avila
John of the Cross
Julian of Norwich
Mechtilde of Magdeburg
Hildegard of Bingen
Marguerite Porete
Meister Eckhard

2. Which of these was not a medieval mystic?

Therese of Lisieux
Beatrice of Nazareth
Teresa of Avila
Mechtilde of Magdeburg
Hildegard of Bingen

3. Which female mystic discussed in this course did not display the stigmata until after her death?

4. What was the physical symbol of the reformed Carmelites that became a part of their name?

Questions you MUST answer for Protestantism are:

1. Explain some of Jonathan Edwards’ ideas about the relationship between God and reason in  A Divine and Supernatural Light

Here is the link to the article A Divine and Supernatural Light:

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