Political science homework

Each student is to attend either a full City Council Meeting (not a committee of Council or hearing

of Council) or a court hearing or trial. The hearing or trial should not involve you. No other

meeting types are acceptable. A 1200-1500 word observation report is required to be submitted. If

you have any question if your meeting is appropriate for the assignment it is your

responsibility to contact the Professor prior to attending. If you go to the wrong meeting type

you will receive no credit toward this course requirement. The report should include a

discussion of what meeting you attended, who was present, the topic of meeting, the resolution of

issues if that occurred. However, the focus of the paper should address what insight the experience

gave you of the American political system. You should specifically critically evaluate the meeting

in terms of the political dynamics of the meeting. You are expected to attend at least 90 minutes of

the meeting. If the meeting is shorter you must attend another one. Document this, if this occurs.

Be sure to have sections labeled 1. Description and Resolution of the Event(s), 2. Critical

Evaluation of the Meeting, and 3. Insight from the Experience. Section 1 should be no longer

than 300 words.

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