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For your final Portfolio Project, you will conduct investigations into project management practices in a verifiable or identifiable company in either a high-tech or service industry in the United States.

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Portfolio Project – Airware Company 

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In your paper, discuss at least four of the following factors as they currently exist within your selected company:

  1. Types of company projects
  2. Management practices
  3. Strategic objectives
  4. Systems in place to monitor and control projects
  5. Project management roles and structures (project duration, number of people working on projects, project management tools)
  6. Appropriate success criteria and key performance indicators for its projects in the last five years

You should also pay attention to the importance of the following success criteria in the company:

  • Budget; schedule; quality standards; specification; appreciation by stakeholders; clear goals and objectives; and senior management support.

Include a summary of your findings and recommendations to improve management practices.

Your paper should be 8-10 pages long and provide citations from pertinent sources (at least 2 peer-reviewed journals and 3 secondary sources).

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