1. Following is a writer’s initial brainstormed list for a report on stress in the workplace.

Revise the brainstormed list, eliminating repetition and combining related


— leads to absenteeism

— high costs for compensation for

stress-related illnesses

— proper nutrition

— numerous stress-reduction techniques

— good idea to conduct interviews to

find out levels, causes, and extent

of stress in the workplace

— low morale caused by stress

— higher insurance claims for employees’

physical ailments

— myth to see stress leading to greater


— various tapes used to teach relaxation

— environmental factors—too hot?

too cold?

— teamwork intensifies stress

— counseling

— work overload

— setting priorities

— wellness campaign

— savings per employee add up to

$6,150 per year

— skills to relax

— learning to get along with coworkers

— need for privacy

— interpersonal communication

— employee’s need for clear policies

on transfers, promotion

— stress management workshops very

successful in California

— physical activity to relieve stress

— affects management

— breathing exercises

2. Prepare a suitable outline from your revised list in Exercise 1 for a report to a decision

maker on the problems of stress in the workplace and the necessity of creating

a stress-management program.

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