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This is a two-part question.  Please respond to the two questions separately.

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Psychology and HR (Recruitment, Selection, and Placement)

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Each question should contain atleast 150 words with a separate reference for each


Properly reference with the attached peer-reviewed journal you pulled from.  There’s no need to attached an electronic copy of the reference, just provide the reference (i.e. Jones, J.J. & Jones, L.L (2015). Interviewing ……..  Journal of Applied Psychology, 1(1), 1-13.)  I will pull the reference.


Each reference should be within five years (between the years of 2012 to 2016), nothing older.


Assistance due no later than Friday, May 13, 2016 at 1:00pm eastern standard time.


No plagiarism as I do have a “plag checker”



1.  What types of psychometric assessments are best to identify applicants with the strongest job and organizational fit?


2.  When should interviews be used in a multi-hurdle selection process? Are structured interviews best? Why or why not? Do multiple interviewers add validity to the hiring decision? Explain.

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