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Psychology – Child who are Survivors of Traumatic Stress

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Child who are Survivors of Traumatic Stress (All articles must be less then 8yrs old)


An annotated bibliography is a double-spaced APA formatted list of all the published sources to be used for your writing, in this case for the course paper which is due Week 7,  with the word “References” centered at the top of the page. The term “Annotated” means that each source listed must include directly below its title a brief single-spaced paragraph 4 to 5 sentences in length describing what the particular article covers. These paragraphs must be written in the student’s own words.  Each paragraph must end with a statement of how its respective article is related to one or more others on the bibliography and how it is linked to the course Literature Review paper topic.  Copying is prohibited, and will result in a zero score, and quoting isn’t needed or accepted for this assignment.

This assignment must be completed per the course general writing standards, in APA format and show evidence of meaning making after engagement with the articles.  It requires a title page, as do all the other course assignments with the exception of your discussion forum posts.

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