As you can see for this week, we are covering various populations that are sometimes regarded as more general rather than focused on race and ethnicity. it’s difficult to cover potentially all culturally different populations. Although you have read information about some of these populations in your textbooks, I wanted you to have exposure also through personal narratives and/or experiences related to these populations.

In the following video links there are various angles presented in the videos which include ministry overviews, testimonials, personal experiences, and lecture. Keep in mind that these videos do not offer exhaustive information; however, there is enough information to help get you thinking. After viewing all videos, I want you to reflect on the information shared in them and share your responses with one another in Blackboard. You have the option to share information about specific videos or share information as a whole. (The videos are dated as these were done several years ago, but they still offer relevant information.)

Bill and Jane Smith (Military) (20 minutes)

Bennie Rea (Divorce) (15 minutes)

Jay Wilson (Addictions) (20 minutes)

Katherine Allen (GLBT) (15 minutes)

Sandra Christmas (Imprisoned) (25 minutes)

Ron Thompson (Hospice) (20 minutes)

There are no references or citations required; however, if you want to use them, feel free to do so. Other posting guidelines remain in effect.

NOTE ON PLAYING VIDEOS: Each of these videos will open to a different page than this one. Right click each link to either open in a new tab or a new window.

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