The words faith and doubt are easy to define, but they are much more difficult to live with. Faith is the belief in what is unseen or unsubstantiated in the physical sense as if it were in fact reality. Doubt is a particularly difficult concept for organized religions to handle—the doubts of a handful of believers, or even a single believer, can lead to a major change in a religion. Thus, as humans are we destined to doubt by human nature?

In an essay of 700 to 800 words, discuss the relationship between doubt and faith.

In your essay, address the following questions:

    • What do the terms faith and doubt mean to religious philosophers?
    • How do you define faith and doubt in the context of your life?
    • What is the difference between saying, “I believe that,” and “I believe in”?
    • Is faith, in the religious sense, a matter of opinion or of trust?
    • Are faith and doubt incompatible? Are they opposite or complementary?
  • Discuss the religious tradition (of the five options) where faith is most prevalent. Where doubt is the most prevalent. Do these religions offer insight into your own faith/doubt equation?

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