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1-Social Media can be very important for a business. One of the points that we are not really talking about is that Social Media is not a genie in a bottle that magically fixes everything once you put your business information out there. Similar to a new business that opens up on a local street in town, it still needs to get my attention and pull me in to be successful. Depending on the business if the Social Media is too flashy I may be put off. If the Social Media is not flashy enough I may think they are amateurs. What business have you noticed online for dentures, funeral homes, and reverse mortgages?  The only guarantee with Social Media is that compared to not being on Social Media you will have a better chance. If everyone ends up on Social Media then how is it different from in the old days being in a phone book?






2-Technology is just like any other situation when you go too far and become obsessed. Whether it is my child who eats too much candy all of the time (bouncing off the walls, cavities, weight gain), my wife who cannot get enough shoes (Finances, one upping friends, out of the house all the time), or drinking alcohol (social outcast, work suffers, family impacted, health risk). The difference with technology is that there is not anyone noticing the negative side effects in a public forum. People still see technology as something they control and not as something that is controlling them. For a family member who is “addicted” to technology, how hard is it to do an intervention when you may be alone in seeing this as a real issue?






3-Our personal environment allows for a little better communication electronically because we typically have a background with the person we are communicating with and at least some context.  When we are a little confused we can still say “What?” and there is the option to get more information if we feel we are lost.  If we are slowly transitioning our time with others to be more electronic, what does that mean going forward for how we want to effectively communicate electronically with businesses when we have a question or a problem?






4-When you think of the big technology companies having complete control over technology is a little concerning. It is hard to look at all of the benefits which technology has provided and not be concerned.  Newer technology provides a kind of a drug for the masses in the form of something new and exciting. The people who control the technology through developing, selling, marketing, merchandising, and training will always be one step ahead of the rest of society with their products. The social media sell for these products starts long before the product even hits the shelves. Outside of a small niche of super geeks who understand what is going on, everyone else will follow the marketing plan listed on Facebook regardless of the repercussions. What risks as a society and as an individual are we in store for with the trend in technology for newer and better according to the ad campaign?

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