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Discussions are fundamental to shared learning, so please be sure to participate early and often! After you have completed the Reading, and without reviewing your classmate’s responses, post your initial response to the following Discussion. Your post should be at least 400–450 words in length and should extend the discussion of the group supported by your course materials and/or other appropriate resources. After you have submitted your initial post, review some of your classmate’s posts and respond to at least two of your classmates; your responses to others should be at least 100–150 words in length and substantive. Refer to your Discussion Board Rubric in your Syllabus for specific grading explanation.

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Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders – Discussion

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Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative Disorders

To prepare for this week’s Discussion, review the following videos in addition to this week’s assigned Reading.

  1. Tomasulo, A. (2005). The validity of repressed memory and sexual abuse. Retrieved from
  2. Duran, M. V. (2013). False memories. Retrieved

Proceed with this week’s Discussion by addressing the following about repressed memories:

Which side of the argument of repressed memories did you find to be the most compelling? Drawing on material from the course, choose one side of this debate and discuss why you feel that explanation is most plausible.

The strongest answer will refer to the textbook and concepts from the Reading material or other credible sources.

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