The History of Early Childhood Education in America

From the 1600s to today, the education of young children in the United States has changed dramatically and has been influenced by social, economic, and political events and trends. To develop a better understanding of these events, view the Early Childhood Education 101 Timeline

  • Choose at least two events from the timeline that you      feel have had the greatest impact on early childhood education: the      Kindergarten Movement, Founding of the National Association for the      Education of Young (NAEYC), Sputnik, and so forth.
  • Briefly summarize each event in your own words.
  • Explain how you think each event will impact your work      in early childhood education.
  • Support your summary and explanation with a reference      to the textbook. Include this reference in your post.

Guided Response: After reviewing your classmates’ posts, respond to two of your peers who wrote about different events than you did. Describe how these events will impact your work in early childhood education.

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