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Special Topics in Public Health Part 2

From the assigned readings this week, review the following Web resource:

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World Health Organization (WHO). (2012). Social determinants of health.

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World Health Organization (WHO). (2012). Social determinants of health. Retrieved from

Respond to the following:

Evaluate the social determinants that may impact current public health issues within the U.S.

Select a current public health issue in the U.S. and describe the social determinant that impacts the issue.

Describe existing practices that are in place to improve economic or social determinants. What additional measures can you recommend?

In your opinion, analyze whether more can be done to address the issue. Include an analysis of whether policy creates interference.


Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references. cite your work appropriately whenever possible. You should follow the most recent APA guidelines when citing your work.

ANSWER each question in indepth detail one page requirement (50 word minmum for each question)


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