You represent a multi-denominational Christian medical mission group, and your teams are interested in starting medical missions in rural areas throughout Latin America. Your group is aware that traditional healers are a part of the fabric of health care in rural areas throughout the world, and you know that they are often the best conduit for delivering primary health care information. You are interested in working with these healers in your Latin American missions. To prepare for working with them, people in your organization need to understand more about working with traditional healers. Prepare a white paper that will help your colleagues understand how to accomplish this.

Review this week’s readings and videos.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains the role of the traditional healer and the church in Latin America.

  • Summarize relevant literature.
  • Identify at least one economic, one religious, and one social explanation for the use of traditional healers in Latin America.
  • Use specific examples, studies, theories, or statistics in your explanations.

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