Imagine you work for an African American history museum; you have been given the task of creating a blog for the museum’s website that discusses the formation and continuing development of African American identity.

Write four separate blog entries that highlight an aspect of African American identity for each of the following time periods. For each entry you can focus on a historical person, event, or another facet of these eras that contributed to the formation of African American identity and that you think your readership would find interesting:

  • The pre-slavery era
  • The era of slavery
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction
  • From Reconstruction to the present

Combine your four blog entries as a 700- to 1,050-word essay in one document. Keep your writing formal, as if this is intended to be read by museum website visitors.

Include at least three peer-reviewed sources (journal articles) and the textbook as your references.

Include images and links as appropriate.


Format your paper consistent with APA standards (cover page, running header, major heading and subheadings within the essay, in text citations and a reference list)

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