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Managing Stress

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is a dynamic condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, demand, or resource related to what the individual desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important.

Which of the following stressors is likely to produce less strain than the other stressors?

One of Carl’s department employees was severely injured on the job. Carl has called in psychological counselors to talk to the other employees, and scheduled a series of safety trainings for the department to be completed by the end of the week. He has also asked the HR personnel to talk to the department about the disability insurance that the company offers and make sure that his employees know what is available. Carl is using to help cope with the stress caused by his employee’s injury.

Political uncertainties, economic uncertainties, and technological change are examples of the factors of potential stress.

Jerry is feeling very stressed because his boss expects a project to be delivered to the client within a very unreasonable deadline. Jerry has to work nights and weekends to make the deadline. Jerry is feeling stress due to a(n) factor.

Family issues, economic problems, and personality characteristics are examples of the factor of potential stress.

Benny is stressed with the new corporate reorganization. He now reports to a foreign office that has usurped many of his responsibilities, including the contract labor for his projects, therefore he’s working with less qualified an new contractors with whom he doesn’t have a relationship. However, the managers of the other departments find themselves in the same boat and everyday they are able to laugh over lunch about their new managerial importance. is helping Benny handle his stress.

Risa has to work long hours and sometimes weekends, losing out on family time. Risa doesn’t find her long hours overly stressful, but rather she sees it as her contribution to maintaining her family’s equilibrium and well being, and bettering her children’s future. In which country is Risa most likely employed?

Rudolf is dealing with impending layoffs at work. Yesterday at a pharmacy he measured his blood pressure and it was high. He also notices that when he thinks about the future his heart rate accelerated. Rudolf is demonstrating symptoms of stress.

Excessive smoking, substance abuse, and sleep disorders are all examples of symptoms of stress.

Which of the followings types of job is least likely to create stress and reduce satisfaction?

Louise is overwhelmed with the new tasks that she has been assigned after the department merger. Every day, she arrives at work and makes a list of the new tasks, writes a number next to each one according to the urgency of completion, and schedules a time to complete each one. Although she’s still stressed, Louise is able to get most of the work done and feels better at the end of the day. Louise is using techniques to reduce her stress.

Which of the following statements is true regarding stress?Employees with external locus of control tend to be less prone to stress.

Training tends to decrease job stress.

Highly experienced employees tend to be more prone to stress.


Employees who are highly committed to their goals experience more stress.


Goal feedback tends to increase stress.




Organizationally supported programs that focus on the employees’ total physical and mental condition, such as helping them quit smoking or control alcohol use, are called programs.


Elaine is very good at what she does, but she is constantly stressed by internal deadlines assigned to co-workers, obligatory meetings, and time lost in unrelated idle cubicle chatter. Today, after a meeting with her supervisors, she has been given more responsibility for her work, is able to set her own deadlines, decline attendance to various department meetings, and telecommute two days a week. Elaine’s boss is using which of the following organizational strategies to reduce her stress?


Job redesign


Organization communication


Employee involvement


Organizational development


Process reengineering


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