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Measuring and Interpreting Brand Performance

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  • Describe and understand the benefits of branding, brand attributes, and significance of brand equity.
  • Predict and understand the leveraging of brand as a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Execute a working knowledge of designing and developing successful brands.



Competitive Brand Message Analysis

How does the competition communicate with its target market? If it is a top brand, odds are it is successful with its communication channels. Analyzing the message strategies now and over time is an excellent exercise to understand how the brand remains successful.


Remember that the discussion takes place over two weeks and your weekly posts must be made in the specified week to earn credit.



Using the top 100 U.S.-based brand you selected in Unit 1, analyze its current ads or commercials in terms of brand equity based on concepts touched upon in your textbook or in past marketing classes at AIU. You will need to include at least 3 ads or commercials in the analysis. One ad should be older* (if possible). *Older can mean last year or even a vintage ad will work.

  1. 1. Describe the three ads or commercials and include the link if applicable. Note: A popular online video-streaming Web site has numerous vintage and new commercials to view.
  2. 2. What is the overall message of the brand? Explain in depth.





Applying Advertising and Marketing Theory

Using the 3 ads you assessed last week, analyze them based on a model from advertising like Hierarchy of Effects or possibly persuasion – Elaboration Likelihood Model. This requires research on the models and professional attribution of the sources.



Using one of the advertising models mentioned above, analyze the techniques being used in the three ads.

Since you are engaging in research, be sure to attribute the sources in a professional manner.

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