key components

The Presentation (Group)
Topic: Select an issue that is relevant to our discussions of social stratification, race, ethnicity, or gender. The topic should be one that enables you to consider social change goals.
Define an Overarching Research Question: Try to make the question as specific as possible.
Additional Questions: These are issues that you will likely need to address to teach the class about your topic.
  • Who does this issue impact? Does it impact some social categories more than others? If so why might this be the case?
  • What is the extent of the issue? Statistics may be useful here.
  • Where does this issue occur? In other words, is it more common in urban areas, in some parts of the country, in some countries, etc.? 
  • When does this issue occur? Does it occur only under specific circumstances? If so, what are these?
Social Change: Define a social change goal that you think will have an impact on the issue. What,specifically, do you expect the social change to accomplish? What limitations does this particular social change goal have? In other words, are there issues that this type of social change would not be able to address? If so, what are these issues?
Presentation Guidelines: Plan to spend about 20 minutes on your presentation and about 10 minutes answering questionsInclude at least one interactive component. This can be a survey, discussion, game, or any other activity that teaches or reinforces your research.Include a visual component. This can be a poster, PowerPoint, video, pamphletartworkor any visual aid that will help audience members absorb the material.
the paper 
your paper should be about 3-4 typed, doubled-spaced 12-point front
 include references 
relevance to sociology: what is the issue and why is it important? how is it relevant to sociology ?
brief literature review: what have other scholars learned about this question?
theory: how can social theory help us understand the issue?
social change: define a social change goal ( in addition to the suggested by your group) that will address the issue. explain how this social change goal might differ in potential outcomes from the one your group suggested.

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